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Survive the Undead Attack! Undead Attack! Pinball Available on the App Store

Tired of fighting the undead hordes with the usual tools of destruction? That old rusted chainsaw just isn’t “cutting it” any more? So get ready for the next level of undead killing machinery with Undead Attack! Pinball.

Yes you read it right, it’s a pinball and it has undead monsters! Run over the hordes of evil with two types of special undead purging balls, use the scenery and the iPhone accelerometer to your advantage and defend the gate at any cost!

With 3 beautifully rendered 3D tables and two enthralling gameplay modes, Undead Attack! Pinball mixes two successfull types of games(pinball and gate defense) to offer a great experience for both casual and invested players, exploring the iPhone unique capabilites to give you new weapons in the fight against the hordes of evil. Check out its features:

  • Realtime 3D tables and balls;
  • Unique music and sound effects;
  • Great physics simulation;
  • 3 different tables;
  • 2 types of balls;
  • Campaign and Survival mode;
  • 5 different types of enemies with unique behaviors;
  • Up to 50 enemies in the screen at the same time;
  • Use of accelerometer for ball control (Spiked Ball);
  • Use of shake gesture to knock down the enemies;
  • Unusual weapon to catch the enemies at the gate by surprise;
  • Shop for upgrades that help in the fight;
  • Dynamic tables with various secrets for you to find out.
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